Friday, April 19, 2019

Viewing a Breathing System

In the unfolding storm aroil upon the surface of Jupiter
We've captured enough images to paint a good picture
Of the turbulent expressions of its ever turning face 
What is our interpretation of the turmoil in its place?

Is it a pressurized planetary bladder chamber for ballast
In the complicated system of this gravitational dance
Not the trees in our skein but the lungs past the sky
Crowned by the other celestial organ factories' stance?

Could the whole solar system be its own living thing
To shed off its coating of dust and micro-particles
If creation itself isn't worth enough to be worshiping
Anyhow then why place your trust in some barnacles

Stop and take a deep breath then let it slowly exhale 
We're caught up in the rhythm and flow of a star 
That's power enough to last over a billion years
The difference of not truly knowing what you are

We're viewing a breathing system when we examine
The cosmos through the magnification of a telescope
Try and hold your breath for as long as you can manage
That's all the time needed to be held onto as a hope 

We see ourselves stand tall and true with arms akimbo
Heads held high with chins out as masters of our destiny
As we take the first steps of our dance around limbo 
And take a chance that our fate not get the best of me 

We're all breathing through the same viewing system
Each one lined up to be centered for the experience 
It's true up and down the line from microorganism  
To star itself the living heart fueling its deliverance 

Thursday, April 13, 2017